Key Benefits of Renting a Phone Number

July 2, 2022

Renting a phone number can be a worthwhile investment for those seeking to grow their business abroad, access apps internationally, and much more!

A Buyer’s Introduction to Virtual Telephone Numbers

If you are looking to purchase a virtual telephone number, there are some key points of understanding that may be helpful when selecting a provider. Virtual telephone numbers are not associated with a traditional telephone line or landline telephone. Therefore, these numbers do not need to be tied to a singular device or location. With virtual phone numbers, there are unlimited opportunities to communicate with others globally. The key difference is that the use of the virtual telephone number will occur through the use of an internet connection instead of a service provider. These virtual phone numbers can be reassigned to different devices, such as a cell phone, an app or computer, or through an IP address. There are numerous benefits for business and personal use when renting a virtual phone number.

Some benefits are:

  • Lower costs in comparison to traditional service carriers.
  • Provides flexibility to the user.
  • Hides personal information from callers.
  • Ability to establish trust and create a local presence.

Temporary Numbers for Masking

Temporary numbers can also be used to mask your phone number or a virtual international phone number. Protecting personal phone numbers using temporary numbers, helps protect privacy and personal information. This results in not being at risk for safety issues if one is targeted through their number. Regular phone numbers reveal personal information to the receiver, such as your full name or location. For some, this can be problematic, as the receiver may not be a trusted person. There are many liabilities and risks when using your own personal phone number to make calls. This information is also open to the public and can reveal enough information to scammers to become a target. There are many different methods to mask your phone number that can help provide extra security from receivers or individuals that may have access to your information.

Some examples are:

  • Dial *67 in front of the number you are calling. This will hide your number, and it will appear as blocked or private to the receiver.
  • Check your device’s settings to see if your phone number can be blocked manually.

Ultimately, the most permanent and effective solution for concealing your phone number is by renting a phone number. Renting a temporary number, such as provided by, creates a disposable U.S number for personal or business use. Temporary phone numbers ensure ultimate privacy because the connections between the callers and receivers are separate from your own private number. To rent a phone number, all you will need is a real phone number to log in to the website. This will be the last time that it will be needed to be utilized. From then on, the rented phone number can be used to make calls and even receive SMS verification for a variety of apps that need this confirmation.

VoIP Based Numbers

VoIP-based numbers (Voice over Internet Protocol) are a common way to access virtual phone numbers. These internet-based service providers allow you to make and receive calls from any location if there is internet access. These numbers create virtual international phone numbers for international use as well. VoIP-based numbers are an additional option when choosing what type of virtual phone number you may want to use. However, they don’t always function and many people struggle to find trusted providers.

VoIP-based numbers work by:

  • Relying on a suitable internet connection.
  • Placing calls all over the internet, and not in one specific location.

VoIP-based numbers do not rely on regular sim cards, which are found inside most devices. Something to consider is that VoIP-based numbers are not always tied to one location. So, their location is not as consistent as a U.S based temporary phone number provided by, and calls can easily be dropped.

Virtual Numbers for More Varied Use

Virtual numbers can be used for a multitude of reasons. Whether you’re starting your own business, traveling internationally, or protecting yourself from others, there are many options to use a virtual number or virtual international phone number.

Examples of varied uses of virtual numbers are:

  • Save on international call charges.
  • Avoiding roaming charges.
  • Create an international business presence.
  • Have multiple country numbers.
  • Be free from service provider contracts or plans.
  • Change your rented phone number with ease.

If you are looking to rent a phone number, all temporary phone numbers use real SIM cards from major US Mobile service providers. All’s temporary phone numbers are based in the USA and have +1 as their country code, this is desirable if you need a USA presence for your phone number.’s temporary phone numbers begin at $2.00 for a 30-minute subscription period. is constantly changing the phone numbers available in its inventory, that way there is a large variety of accessible phone numbers to its users. These virtual U.S phone numbers are reliable and can be used as needed.

Selecting the Correct Style For Your Needs

Although there are a few options to choose from, each virtual method provides something useful for the consumer. For those abroad looking into how to access U.S. media and other varied online services, renting a non-VoIP U.S. phone number from trusted sites like is a surefire way to get the most out of a virtual phone number if one so pleases to do so.