Error Solved: Apple Pay Transaction Declined

September 10, 2022

Are your Apple Pay Transactions being declined? Our troubleshooting tips below may help.

Apple Pay, the payment service Apple Inc. offers, allows its users to make payments in person or on the web. This service allows its users to make contactless payments through a mobile device, in turn replacing traditional card payments for transactions. Many businesses support this payment method with a contactless reader payment option.

Apple Pay supports credit and debit accounts by commonly used providers such as Visa or American Express, making it a preferred option for users while shopping. It’s a desirable payment method for those that prefer contactless transactions and the use of an E-wallet as a way of paying for things.

Why Is Apple Pay Sending Transaction Declined Message?

The most frustrating instance when using Apple Pay is when trying to pay for a service or goods, and the payment or transaction is declined. If Apple Pay is causing you issues, this is a hassle that slows down your day and causes delays for the service provider or vendor.

When talking about money, it is important to be able to have some solutions on hand to solve this and ensure no further delays to your purchases. If you face this technological error, check out the section below for some troubleshooting tips to fix this problem.

How to Fix Apple Pay Denied Transaction?

See these troubleshooting tips below, that can help with the Apple Pay error in the declined transactions:

Your payment may be declined for various reasons. Read on to find out why you may be having this issue.

  • You have an insufficient amount of funds in your account.
  • Your bank or financial institution is declining the transaction. This is outside Apple Pay’s control, and you need to contact your issuer to solve this problem.
  • The card or bank information linked to your account is incorrect.
  • For online purchases. the billing address on file may be incorrect or hasn’t been updated.

In the meantime, you can try to use another card in your apple wallet or the physical card to pay. This will confirm whether or not the card is working.

See these additional tips below for steps to troubleshoot concerning the application or server:

Click Report Issue

Click the ‘Report Issue” option on the declined transaction within the application to get more information on the error’s cause.

Delete Payment

Delete the debit or credit cards you have on file and add them again. Before doing this, make sure your billing address and phone number on file matches the information at your financial institution.

Check your Internet or Cellular Connection

Check your internet connection or cellular connection. A poor internet connection can cause the messages not to be sent properly, therefore, not received by the recipient. If you have a poor connection, try reconnecting to Wi-Fi or cellular. This will help Apple Pay connect properly to the server.

Close the App

You can also completely or exit out of the app or the recent history browser and try to send the transaction request again. The platform often needs to be reloaded to refresh the connection or loading data.

Toggle Airplane Mode if you are on a Mobile Device

Access the control center. This can be done by accessing the dropdown menu on your cellular device, by sliding down your home menu or through clicking on settings. Click on the “Airplane Mode” function, turn it off, and wait a few seconds before turning it back on again. This helps to refresh connectivity as your connections will be refreshed.

Restart your Phone or Computer

You can also restart your cellular device or computer. This will also refresh all the connections and reset any faulty connections on your device.

Reinstall the App if, on Mobile

If you have taken the steps above and still find that your transaction request is not going through, you can delete the app entirely from your device. From there, you can redownload the app, log back in, ensure your connection is good, and try again to resend the request to the receiver.

What Are Some Alternative Solutions If This Doesn’t Work?

Check out these additional troubleshooting tips if you have followed the above information and are still having issues with Apple Pay:

Update the App or Browser

Updating the app from the app store or updating the web browser you are accessing the platform on can help fix bugs and glitches that are causing the app to malfunction.

Update the Software

Updating the software of your device can help fix bugs and glitches that are causing problems in the application.

Reach out to Apple Pay Support

You can also reach out to Apple Pay’s support team for extra help with this issue. If none of these tips solved the problem, something else might be happening with your account or connection to the platform. Click here to contact Apple for help.

Change your phone number on the account

Changing the phone number listed on the account can update the user information. Suppose you would like to use a brand new phone number that is separate from your personal and pre-registered number.

In that case, you can enter a temporary number. This will allow you to register for an unlimited number of accounts with a pay-as-you-go feature, and the number can easily be changed as needed.

If you need a mobile phone number for your Apple Pay account, you can use a non-VoIP number, as offered by Signing up to a temporary number can allow its purchasers access to use the number for verification purposes and more.

These temporary phone numbers have a fixed location and can be used for SMS verification; this allows you to not rely on your sim card to register for online accounts. Click here to learn more, and also learn about the benefits of renting a phone number for personal or business uses.