How to Fix a Nonworking Android Pay Account (2022)

November 6, 2022

Android Pay account not working? We have the solutions.

Android Pay is a touchless payment method in the form of an app that allows Android users to make purchases at participating retailers with their phones. With a simple tap, a purchase can be made, and the retailer’s point of sale terminal will charge the user’s card through the app on their Android phone.

Android Pay account not working? We have the fix (non-infographic)

This process has made shopping even easier and spending money even faster. Unfortunately, there are some issues that can occur with this payment method. If you find that your Android Pay is not working, leaving you embarrassed and without any way of paying for your purchase, we have some solutions for you.

What Is Android Pay Now Known As?

Did you know that Android Pay is now known as Google Pay Send? This new update by Google has also allowed the app to be available on all devices, with the feature to send and request money within the app.

Why Is Android Pay Not Working On My Device?

We have some reasons why Android Pay is not working on your device; hopefully, our information will help you understand why this issue is occurring.

Your bank may not be supported

If your bank is not supported by Google Pay, you will be unable to pay for items and use the app. Click here for a list of banks that are supported, and ensure that your bank is supported by the app.

If you do not see that your bank is on this list, you may have to find an alternate option to Google Pay, as you will be unable to use this app due to incompatibility with your financial institution.

Software or app needs to be updated

If your software, or a current version of Android Pay, A.K.A Google Pay, is not supported, you will encounter loading issues and glitches while using the app. See our tips below in the section titled ‘How to Solve Android Pay Issue?’ for more information on this matter.

Incorrect payment method

If you have entered your payment method incorrectly into the app, your payments will not be able to be processed when making purchases. Double-check that your card and or routing information has been entered correctly to ensure that the issue isn’t occurring as a result of incorrectly entered data regarding your payment method.

How to Solve Android Pay Issue?

See our tips below for how to solve the Android Pay loading issue.

Update the app

An out-of-date app is likely to have bugs and glitches that impact its performance. You can check the version of your app in the Google Play Store or in your settings. When you enter the Google Play Store, select the Google Pay app, and see if there are any new updates available.

If there is, be sure to update the app and see if this issue still occurs. You can update the app by selecting update Android Pay app. You can also delete the app and then download the Android Pay app with its new version to ensure that it is cleared of any stored cookies or data that were causing loading issues.

Update your payment method

In addition to ensuring that your payment method is correct, updating your payment method is just as important. If you have a new card or got a new payment method that is different than the one you have on file for your Android Pay account, updating the information may help solve the loading issue.

Also, if you changed your address or phone number with your bank, you will need to update your account with the same information you have provided to your bank.

Update your software

To update your software, you can go into the general settings app on your device. Under the software tab, you may see a notification that states that a new software update is available. If this is the case, updating your software can help support the functions of the app that are additionally required for it to run properly.

Other Options to Troubleshoot

Here are some extra steps to troubleshoot the Android Pay issue.

Check your connectivity

In some cases, your connection to the internet may be the issue. Check to see the amount of cellular service you have or if your Wi-Fi signal is strong. You can do this by checking the top section of your device’s screen.

If you have a weak signal, you will need to troubleshoot by reconnecting your device to the internet or trying to access the internet when you have a stronger signal.

To establish a strong internet connection and ensure that the error isn’t occurring as a result of this, try these next steps.

Toggle Airplane Mode, or disconnect and reconnect to cellular or Wi-Fi to establish a stronger signal. Reset your network settings by selecting this option in your general settings under the reset tab.

You can take the extra step and go as far as unplugging your router for your home internet to re-establish your network connection.

Restart your device

Simply restarting your device can also help to reset any issues that are occurring with your device or the app. Once you power off your device, be sure to wait a few seconds before powering it back on. Once your device is on, attempt to reopen the app and see if this solves the problem.

Get help at Google support

For additional help, you can visit Google support for more assistance with matters concerning Android Pay or Google Pay. Click here to visit Google’s support site.

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