Are Your Apps Crashing on Android? We Can Help!

October 29, 2022

Having trouble with your apps on your Android device? This article can help you learn how to solve this issue.

Though we may use them every day, do you know what apps really are? App, or apps, is actually just short for application! These little icons that can be downloaded directly onto our devices do more than redirect you to an online platform. An app is actually software that is installed onto your device.

These apps are created with a specific function in mind, such as organizing documents, accessing our email, or allowing us to edit pictures and videos. To lose access to your applications can be very stressful and cause more than a headache. Android users may be experiencing some loading or crashing issues with their applications.

Android Apps Crashing: How to Fix (non-infographic)

If you find that you are not able to open an app on your Android, you may not be the only one. We know how important your apps are to you; this article not only provides some reasons why this is happening but also provides you with troubleshooting options on how to fix this issue and get you back on to your daily accessibility with ease.

Why Are Apps Crashing on Android?

Does the Instagram app keep crashing on your Android? Perhaps it is Gmail crashing on Android. Whichever app may not be working for you, it can be frustrating to have these apps exit without warning, leaving you unable to get in.

If, when attempting to open the app, you find that you are getting kicked off or receiving a black screen, the reasons below may provide more insight into the why of this issue.

Internet connection issues

Connectivity issues, such as a weak internet connection, can prevent your apps from loading properly. To ensure that this is not preventing you from accessing your apps, check the strength of your connection at the top of your screen.

If your signal is weak, you can take extra steps to troubleshoot your connections, such as disconnecting your wifi, reconnecting to a stronger signal, or resetting your network settings. To do this, read on to the section titled ‘How to Keep Apps From Crashing on Android?’ for more information.

The software needs to be updated

An out-of-date software prevents your Android device from functioning properly. If your Android software is not up to date, bugs and glitches may cause your system to crash or your apps to not be supported by the Android software itself.

Check to see what version of software you have in your settings. If there is a new Android software update available, proceed to install this on your device to ensure that your device is functioning at its most optimal capacity.

Apps need to be updated

Similar to out-of-date software, apps that are not up to date may not function properly due to bugs and glitches. To check the version of the app that you are attempting to access, go to your settings and select the apps tab. From there, you can select the particular app you are trying to access.

Then, scroll to the bottom of the menu, and you will see if this is the most current version of the app by the version number. Another way to see if you have the most current version downloaded is by searching the app of the Google Play store and seeing if there are any updates available.

If there are, be sure to update the app accordingly and check to see if this solves the issue.

How to Keep Apps From Crashing on Android?

Here are tips on how to keep apps from crashing on your Android device.

Reset network settings

Resetting your network settings will help by refreshing your connection to your service provider. You can do this by accessing the settings app on your device. Then, in the search bar, which is located at the top of the menu, type Reset Network Settings, and select the appropriate tab.

From there, proceed to reset the network settings. Once this is complete, it may take a few seconds, be sure to check to see if the app crashing issue has been resolved.

Delete apps and reinstall them

Another tip to implement to troubleshoot this issue is to delete the apps that are crashing from your device. Then, you can re-download them on your device. This will also ensure that the most up-to-date version of the app has been downloaded onto your device.

While doing this step, ensure that your software is up to date as well so that your device will support the new version of the app or apps you are downloading.

Make more room

If your Android device is running out of storage, this can cause your apps from opening and loading properly. In your settings, you can be able to see how much storage you left have available on your device. If there is an insufficient amount of storage, delete files such as photos, videos, or apps that are no longer needed.

Then, check to see if your apps are still crashing.

More Options to Fix Crashing Apps on Android

If you are unable to load an app, such as Gmail, without it crashing on your Android, try these additional steps to try and solve this issue.

Restart phone

Restarting your phone is a great way to give your phone a fresh start. Try this step to give your phone a break, and then attempt to load the apps once again to see if the issues still occur.

Reset phone to factory settings

Access the settings app on your device. Then, in the search bar that is located at the top of the menu, type Reset to Factory Settings and select the reflective tab. From there, proceed to reset the network settings. Once this is complete, it may take a few seconds, be sure to check to see if the app crashing issue has been resolved.

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