Can’t Get Amazon Prime Video to Work? Read This

October 15, 2022

We can help get your Amazon Prime Video to load smoothly. Get back to your favorite shows stress-free with this article.

What Is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon’s Prime Video is a video streaming service provided by This video service provides access to documentaries, movies, tv shows, and more. For Amazon Prime users, this service comes included in their subscription and is competitive with other streaming platforms.

Amazon Prime Video not working: How to fix (non-infographic)

Amazon has created its own tv shows, which are featured on Amazon Prime video. They add new content consistently, keeping users hooked on up-and-coming releases on the site.

There are a plethora of error codes that one can run into when being a frequent user of this service, but having the knowledge to know how to troubleshoot, can prevent any interruptions from your streaming habits. This article can help to provide solutions to issues with Amazon Prime Video, such as it not working on your Apple TV, regular television, or even on the app.

Reasons Why Prime Video Is Not Working On Your Device

See the reasons below for some extra support on why Amazon Video is not working on your device.

Weak connection to the internet

Streaming requires an extremely strong and stable connection to the internet. Check the strength of your connection before streaming any content. If your connection is weak, you will need to re-establish your connection before attempting to load any content.

If you believe that your internet is not strong enough to stream, you will need to consider another provider or internet service in order to support your streaming needs. To re-establish your connection, you can access your network settings under your general tab. You can reset your settings or simply disconnect your device from the wifi and reconnect it.

If this does not strengthen your connection, you can forget the network and reconnect with your password to attempt to refresh the signal strength. If your wifi still cannot support the streaming requirement, you can unplug your router and plug it back in.

If your connection does not strengthen, you can access the app or site of your internet provider and check your connection there; most providers have a section of the site that provides a metered data reading of your current network status.

Inactive membership

If your membership is inactive, if it has been canceled, or if you have missed a payment, this may be preventing you from accessing Amazon Video. Check your emails or bank statements to see if you have been charged or if you have been notified that your membership is canceled or inactive.

If this is the case, you will need to update or reregister for a membership with Amazon Video in order to access the site and watch your favorite shows.

Server is down

There is a possibility that Amazon’s server may be down, preventing you from accessing the site. Click here to check the status of the Amazon server. If the site is down, unfortunately, you will have to wait until it is up to access the features of the site and stream content.

Solutions for Prime Video Loading Issue

Ready for solutions to the Amazon Video Loading Issue? We know that it is vital to get back to your favorite films! Read the following solutions for fixes to this problem.

Try a VPN

VPN stands for a virtual private network. A VPN allows you to access the internet with a private connection. This service protects your IP address from being detected by changing the location and address that your device or wifi currently lists you at.

Often time, a VPN can bypass any location requirements sites may have, allowing you to have more access to site features. A VPN can allow you access to content that may not be available for streaming in your location. If the content that you are attempting to stream or load is not working, this may be the solution for you.

Enable two-factor verification

Enabling two-factor verification can help if you are attempting to stream Amazon Video through a third party. Additionally, if you would like your account to be protected, as well as the device you are accessing Amazon Video to be verified, taking this extra step can help.

You can do this by accessing settings or your profile on your Amazon account and registering your phone number. See the section title ‘Rent a Phone Number’ at the end of this article for more options to register a number for two-factor verification.

Hardwire an ethernet cable to your TV

To solve any loading issues from your router to your TV, you can hardwire an ethernet cable. Connecting this cable from your router to your television or Apple TV can maintain a steady connection to stream content on Amazon Video.

This is a more permanent solution to connectivity issues and can prevent them from happening in the future.

Other Options for Troubleshoot the Amazon Prime Video Error

Did our tips above fail to help solve your problem? We have some additional solutions below. Read on for more help.

Restart your device

Take the step to power off your device to refresh your device’s functionality. You may find that the browser, app, or streaming service may function smoothly after taking this step.

Update the app

If you are accessing Amazon Video through the app, check if there are any updates available. An updated app can help fix any previous glitches or bugs that were occurring that may be preventing you from loading content.

Visit the Amazon help center

Visit the Amazon help center for additional insight and assistance with issues that occur with Amazon Video. Click here to learn more.

Rent a Phone Number

Renting a phone number for two-factor verification services is the most optimal way to stay on top of your accounts. Unlike your current number, which can be lost if something happens with your service provider or your phone, these numbers can be changed as needed, and you will never be locked out of your account.