Troubleshooting: Airbnb Website Not Working

December 18, 2022

Is the Airbnb website not loading? Read this article for help.

What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a platform that provides users with places to stay the night. This platform has become an alternative to hotels and other booking sites and is preferred by users as it can have a more personal and intimate feel.

Airbnb website not working: How to fix (non-infographic)

Why Is The Airbnb Website Not Working?

Are you trying to book a weekend getaway on Airbnb, only for the site not to load? This issue is common and can occur anytime when accessing the Airbnb site. This is unfortunate and can deter you from starting your weekend plans. There are a few reasons why this issue could occur.

See the topics below to begin the troubleshooting process to try and solve the Airbnb website not working or loading issue.

Internet connection issues

Airbnb will require an internet connection to load correctly. If you have a poor connection, the platform will not be able to load completely on your browser and, therefore, will result in loading and saving issues.

Troubleshoot your internet or cellular connection

The first step you can take to troubleshoot this issue is to check your internet connection. Be sure that you have enough bars on your device. The bars that represent your service connection can be found at the top of your device’s screen. Next, you can turn off your Wi-fi or cellular service to establish the connection.

You can do this by accessing this in your settings. Once you have turned one or both of these services off, you can turn them back on. From here, wait a few seconds before attempting to load Airbnb again. Another option you have is to set your network settings in the settings of your device.

If you are on a mobile device, you also have the option to toggle airplane mode to establish a better connection to your device.

How to Fix the Airbnb Website Loading Issue?

See our tips to troubleshoot this issue further and find a solution to this error. Soon you will be able to be booked and busy for your next adventure.

Log out of the Airbnb site to refresh the connection

Try logging out of Airbnb to reset your connection. Once you log out, you can log back in and check to see if the issue is still occurring. If it is, read on to our next tips in order to find another solution to this error.

The browser you are accessing Airbnb on needs to be updated

If your browser is not up to date, there may be some issues with the functionality of the platform. Check if there are any new and improved updates that are available for the browser you are using. You can do this by checking your browser settings or preferences on your browser. Be sure to check and see if there are any new updated versions available to download.

If so, download the updated version of the browser and see if Airbnb still cannot be accessed on your device. If the Airbnb website is still not loading on your device after the browser update, see the section titled “Alternative Solutions to the Airbnb Loading Issue” for more information.

Your software on your device may need to be updated to work better

Along with this step above, in addition to ensuring that you have an updated browser, you will also need to ensure that your device is updated with the newest updated software available. Similar to updating the browser, out-of-date software will support functions and websites and can be the cause of the loading issue on the Airbnb website.

Check to see if you can get access to other websites on your device without any issues. If you are able to access other websites, then the issue most likely is with the site itself. See the section titled “Alternative Solutions to the Airbnb Loading Issue” for more information.

You can check what software is needed on your device by accessing your settings. Scroll down until you see the software update tab, and select it to check on your current software. If it is up to date, you can update your software on your device and check back on the Airbnb website to see if this issue is still occurring.

If it is, you can read on to find some other solutions.

Clear the browser cache and data

If you have already updated your software or browser on your device, and it has not solved the loading issue, we have another step that you can take. To clear your browser’s cache and data, you will need to go into your settings or preferences of your browser. Tap the privacy tab. Next, select the cookies and data tab.

It can also appear as the storage and cache option. Now select clear or delete the cache, as well as the data storage. This will erase all of the temporary and other data stored on the browser and reset connections and settings.

Restart your device

If you have taken the steps located above and you are still facing this issue, you can take an additional step to troubleshoot by restarting your device. Oftentimes, our devices just need a fresh start. Turn off your device and proceed to turn it back on. From there, you can try to access the Airbnb website once again.

Alternative Solutions to the Airbnb Loading Issue

See these alternative solutions for more ways to troubleshoot this Airbnb loading issue.

Check to see if the Airbnb site is up and running

Try to access the Airbnb website from another device or browser. If you find that you are unable to access the Airbnb website on other devices, then the issue may lie in the site’s server. If you are unable to access the website, you will need to wait until the Airbnb server is up and running again before trying to access the site.

Get assistance from the Airbnb help center

If your website is still loading slowly or not at all, you can get more information on this issue at the Airbnb help center. They may help you with some next steps to solve why the Airbnb website is not working. Click here to access and learn more about how to troubleshoot this issue further.

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