5 Reasons To Use Non-VoIP Numbers for Privacy

July 20, 2022

Did you know that most Americans spend about 1/3 of their waking hours on smartphones? Some of this time might be spent browsing social media, but others are used for conducting business with clients and customers. Regardless of your activities, it’s important to secure your data as much as possible and keep yourself safe.

Using a non-VoIP number is a great way to protect your privacy when conducting business phone calls. Read on to learn some of the top benefits of investing in a temporary phone number for sign-up services today.

non-voip number

1. Reliable Internet Connection Is Needed for VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone numbers require an online connection in order to function. This is because all data including the packets that your voice is broken down into is transmitted over a network. That means that your service is going to suffer if your bandwidth is low at any given time.

In addition to dropped calls and forced downtime, you’ll suffer from latency and jitter in these scenarios. When data packets are delayed in their transmission, they’ll come out as garbled and warped… if they come out at all. The transmission may lag or drop out altogether at certain points.

Even if you regularly use VoIP systems, it’s important that you invest in an alternative as well. This will give you a way to conduct business and communicate with clients in the event of a network outage. A free non-VoIP number can help you feel secure in the fact that you won’t lose business because of network downtime.

You’ll have reliable service regardless of your location via a non-fixed network. You always will be able to respond to client concerns, but you also will always know the status of your business and network. If someone attempts to call and inform you of a potential privacy issue, you can troubleshoot it ASAP.

2. Non-VoIP Numbers Allow Anonymity

VoIP numbers are tethered to a specific address. They’re fixed. Non-VoIP numbers are also often referred to as ’non-fixed VoIP’ because they aren’t associated with a specific location. You can maintain privacy by not giving out your location when you hand out your phone number.

You also won’t even need to give your real phone number to those who are calling you. The non-fixed VoIP number lets people contact you without having any information about you.

This is ideal for businesses looking to protect their location, especially those that want to browse the internet privately from their mobile or VoIP-connected devices. It also is a good choice for individuals that want to feel secure when browsing the web.

3. VoIP: An In With Your Network for Cybercriminals

Data theft is another privacy concern when it comes to VoIP systems.

Conducting all of your communications over a single fixed internet network leaves you susceptible to data theft. Since the average data breach can cost a company about $4.24 million, this isn’t something to mess around with.

When you connect your telephones to your internet network, you connect them to everything that resides on the network as well. This includes employee banking and routing information, social security numbers, and sensitive business data that competitors can use to thwart you. 

Each new device connected to the network presents a vulnerability that cybercriminals can breach. They’re entry points, and unnecessarily so. When a hacker installs malware that breaches one connected phone, it can steal and erase all of your sensitive data.

There are security measures you can take to keep VoIP systems safe, but they’re in no way foolproof and tend to be costly. Bypass 2FA phone number online problems with a non-VoIP number to keep yourself in the clear. This is a great reason to make a VoIP alternative your permanent number rather than just a temporary backup plan.

3. VoIP Numbers Make it Difficult to Restore Lost Business Data

When you use a VoIP phone system, you’re not just going to conduct calls via your network. You also will send SMS on the network, get Google SMS verification codes online, share files including Excel spreadsheets and images, discuss financial information, and more.

If your VoIP system is breached, hackers will have the chance to access all of this information. They won’t need to try to find vulnerabilities in other parts of your network since all data will be at their fingertips.

Losing all your information at once will be costly. Since there generally aren’t a lot of disaster recovery plans in place for telephones being breached, you also will have difficulty recovering lost information. This could leave you without the things needed to conduct daily business and cause lost money from downtime as well as theft.

This also is terrible for your privacy since you won’t know where your information is. It could be sold on the dark web or used for nefarious purposes (such as identity theft or unauthorized purchases). There’s little recourse to recover it and know for sure.

5. Secure Online Shopping

Since non-VoIP numbers are not fixed to any geographical location, both businesses and consumers can place orders online anonymously. The lack of a given location means that merchants won’t know your actual phone number or address (assuming that you pay with a wallet that isn’t connected to your location).

Businesses can place orders securely when working with new vendors. Consumers can shop online without needing to worry about any identifying information being released. This is ideal for those concerned with privacy and internet safety.

Invest in a Non-VoIP Number for Your Workplace

Getting business done when you’re worried about your personal or business security isn’t easy. That’s why a non-VoIP number can help you feel productive as well as safe. Now that you know the benefits of getting a temporary/disposable number when conducting business, it’s time to get cracking.

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