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VoIP and Non-VoIP Numbers: The Key Differences

Your cellphone provider can make or break your life. With cell phones being so prominent in our lives, a bad provider can be a daily headache.

The Pitfalls of VoIP Numbers and What You Can Do About It

While VoIP numbers have gained popularity in recent times, there are disadvantages to using one. Here, we’ll discuss said flaws and some alternatives.

How to Run an Amazon Store

Amazon is one of the biggest sites worldwide. You don’t have to be on the customer end though - find out how to manage an Amazon shop here.

Creating a Hinge Account Without Using Your Phone Number

If your Hinge account has been banned and your appeal didn’t succeed, this guide can help. Here is how to create a Hinge account without using a phone number.

What Can a Rented U.S. Phone Number Do?

Many are realizing the possibilities of virtual phone numbers. In this article, we’ll cover the best services and benefits you can access with one.

Key Benefits of Renting a Phone Number

Renting a phone number can be a worthwhile investment for those seeking to grow their business abroad, access apps internationally, and much more!

How to Protect your Private Phone Number From Spam

Scam callers take advantage of you having a public phone number. Here are a few ways you can protect your privacy, starting with your phone number.

How to Make Money Through Instagram Accounts

Are you looking to make some extra cash on the side? Side hustles and small businesses have risen in popularity thanks to platforms like Instagram.

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Top Temporary Phone Number Apps (& Better Options)

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Let’s cover what hidden numbers are, how they’re used, and alternative methods to consider when choosing a way to guard your privacy.

Master Using Your Phone Abroad

Learning how to use your phone abroad is essential for travel. In this article, we’ll go over tips, and tricks any global citizen can use.

How to Verify Your Facebook Account

Verification is an essential part of social media platforms around the world. Tardigrada can help make this process simpler and less of a struggle.

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Recover Your Account after Two-Step Verification Fails (Google)

We’ll show you how to bypass Google’s two-factor authentication process when all else fails.

How to Avoid Amazon OTP Scams

Learn about ‘phishing’ scams on Amazon and how to avoid them.

How to Request SMS Verification in an Android App

Let’s review what SMS broadcast API is as well as walk you through how to request SMS verification, specifically within an Android App.

Getting a 30 Minute USA Phone Number in 3 Steps

If you are trying to get a long-term phone number for apps, Tardigrada can help. Here is a guide to getting a 30-minute phone number in the U.S.

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Today we’ll show you how to create an Airbnb account without a phone number.

Create a Snapchat Account: No Phone Number Needed

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Our online privacy and digital wellbeing have come under attack. We take a closer look at how you can rent a phone number, and why you should.

How To Bypass Grindr SMS Verification (This Actually Works)

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Getting Phone Numbers For PVA Accounts in 2022 (#1 Providers)

Explore the practical benefits of Tardigrada’s phone numbers, including convenient dashboards, how long they last and more with this guide.

How to Receive an SMS Online on a USA Number (Top Options)

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Phone Number Not Found? A Google Verification Guide

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5 Simple Steps to Bypass Amazon OTP Verification

We take a look at how you can bypass Amazon OTP verification. Check out our guide in which we offer a simple solution that you can use today.

Life Pro Tip: How to Bypass 2FA SMS Verification for Any Website

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The Complete Guide to Disposable Phone Number Services

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10 of the Best Sites to Receive Online SMS Verification Codes

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Difference Between VOIP numbers and Regular Sim Cards

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How To Set Up A Temporary Phone Number in Less Than 5 Minutes

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What Are Sim Banks And SMS Gateways?

Know more about SIM Banks and SMS Gateways, their functions and benefits and how a current day technology use them for better communication.